Washer Toss


The NSMSG event for Washer Toss will consist of both singles and doubles competitions in categories for male and female. The event will take place at the MILLBROOK HORSESHOE/WASHER TOSS GROUNDS ON ABENAKI ROAD, MILLBROOK (across from Sma’knis Trading Post).

Competition Dates/Times
Friday, August 25, 2023: 9:00am Start; Registration at 8:00am


Horseshoe/Washer Toss Grounds

Abenaki Rd, Millbrook

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Bantam Ages 13-15 (born 2008, 2009, 2010)
Midget Ages 16-18 (born 2005, 2006, 2007)
Senior Ages 19+

Number of Athletes

Each Community may enter a maximum of 20 players per age category per male and female teams for single play and a maximum of ten (10) teams of two for doubles (or limit set by coordinator as a first come first serve basis).


All officials will be designated and approved by the Host Community.

Field of Play/Equipment Requirements

The NSMSG event coordinator will provide equipment necessary for competition.

Competition Rules

Here is a summary of the 2022 NSMSG Washer Toss Competition this year.

  • Teams of 2 / Double Knockout Format
  • 3 Washers per team thrown consecutively
  • Thrown from behind front edge of box
  • Games go to 21 (First to 21, you do NOT have to win by 2, and you do NOT have to land exactly on 21)
  • Points cancel each round (only one team scores per round)
  • A round ends after all 6 washers have been thrown.
  • Washers outside the box do not count for any points.
  • In the box =2 points
  • In the pipe =3 points
  • “Pipe Rules” Means a pipe cancels opponents boxes.  Please see scoring examples below to understand this rule.
  • A washer that remains on the ledge of the box after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the box and is worth 2 points
  • Overhand throws ARE allowed.
  • Points are tallied after all 6 washers have been thrown and come to rest


Scoring Examples

Scenario 1: Red has 1 in the Pipe, 0 in the box —- White has 3 in the box = 3 points red
Scenario 2: Red has 1 in the Pipe, 2 in the box —–White has 1 in the box = 5 points Red
Scenario 3: Red has 2 in Pipe, 1 in box —–White has 1 Pipe, 2 box = 3 Points Red
Scenario 4: Red has 1 in the Pipe, 1 Box —–White 1 Pipe, 2 in the box = 2 Points for White (as all cancels except for the one extra white box)

Washer Toss Coordinator

Joel Morris