Track and Field


The NSMSG event for Track & Field will consist of scheduled heats for participants in proper age categories as outlined in the NSMSG Technical Package. The event will take place: TBD.

Competition Dates/Times
Saturday, August 26, 2023: 9:00am Start; Registration at 8:00am
Sunday, August 27, 2023: 9:00am Start; Registration at 8:00am


Cobequid Educational Centre (CEC) Field

34 Lorne St, Truro

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Youth Ages 5-6 (born 2017, 2018)
Ages 7-8 (born 2015, 2016)
Ages 9-10 (born 2013, 2014)
Ages 11-12 (born 2011, 2012)
Bantam U15
Midget U18
Senior 19+

Number of Athletes

Each Community may enter eight (8) male and eight (8) female athletes for each age category. For each age category, each contingent has a maximum of 3 athletes per individual event.

Number of Coaches

Each team should base their coaching of youth athletes on a ratio of 1 coach to 5 youth athletes. All coaches should have a coaching background with youth. All teams are recommended to have gender based coaching (ie: Female teams, female coaches and male teams, male coaches or a combination of both).

General Rules

The most recent International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) Competition Rules Book will apply. Unless otherwise stated in the technical package.

Competition Format

Events are either heats and finals, or just finals dependent on the number of entries. This format will be followed to compete in open divisions. The Event Coordinator may adjust the below events depending on registration. Please check with the coordinator for updates prior to the games.

NOTE: To accommodate the number of participants, athletes may move up to compete in a higher age class relay team, but they may not compete in the same relay event in two different age categories.


All officials will be designated and approved by the Host Community.

Field of Play/Equipment Requirements

  • Competitors must wear their numbers on the front and back of their vests, except in the high jump events, where they may wear one number, either on the front or the back.
  • In the track events, athletes also must wear hip numbers affixed to both sides of their shorts.
  • During the medal ceremonies, athletes must wear their team colors and shoes without spikes.
  • All equipment used in the 2023 NSMSG shall comply with IAAF Rules.
  • Throwers may submit their own implements for certification and use in the events equipment pool as long as the implements comply with the IAAF Rules.
  • For Senior shot put, the weight shall be 4kg.

Competition Rules

Category Youth 5-12 Bantam Midget Senior
Shot Put
Long Jump

Track and Field Coordinator