Arm Wrestling


The NSMSG arm wrestling competition consists of male and females of all ages, age categories and weight classes. Competition located at the MILLBROOK GYM.

August 25, 2023
11:00am Start; Weigh-in at 10am


Millbrook Gym

842 Willow St, Millbrook

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19+ 70 kg (154 lb)
80 kg (176 lb)
90 kg (198 lb)
110 kg (242 lb)
110+ kg (242+ lb)
Women 60 kg (132 lb)
70 kg (165 lb)
85 kb (187 lb)
85+ kg (187+ lb)
Midget By Age Group – Male and Female

Number of Athletes

Each Community may enter a maximum of 20 players per age category per male and female teams.

Number of Coaches

Each Community may accredit one (1) coach per female and one (1) coach per male teams. The staff composition will have a minimum of one (1) male staff and one (1) female staff for male and female teams respectively.

General Rules

The most recent rules of the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation will apply, unless otherwise stated in the package.

Competition Format

The competition format will be determined by the number of entries per age category. The host society will make every effort to maximize the number of games each team receives.


All officials will be designated and approved by the Host Community.

Field of Play/Equipment Requirements

All relevant equipment will be provided by the host community. The event will take place at the entertainment grounds.

Competition Rules

Luck of Draw

Double-elimination tournament; you must lose twice – “A” side / “B” side format.

  • You have 1 minute to get to the table; failure to do so results in a loss.
  • Must show up to the table ready to compete: arms must be bare from the hand to 4″ above the elbow; no watches, rings, or support bandages, also no hats at the table
  • Foot rule: you may wrap your legs around the table legs or lift both feet off the floor, however you may not intentionally kick your opponent.

When you get to the table you must:

  1. Grab the peg at the side.
  2. Place your elbow on the pad before the grip is taken.
  3. Take your grip. You can grip as high or as low as you wish as long as the top thumb knuckle is showing on both hands.
  4. Shoulders must be square with the table and the referee must be able to pass his fist between the shoulder and the grip before the match starts. After “Go” you can move your shoulders.
  5. The wrists must be straight, still and in the center of the table. Pressure may be applied as long as the grip does not deviate from centre.
  6. If a satisfactory grip cannot be achieved within one minute then a referee’s grip will be applied.
  7. The start will be a “Ready-Go”.


  • An early start letting go of the peg during the match without gaining an advantage.


  • Any two warnings
  • Elbow losing contact with the pad
  • Intentionally forcing your opponent’s elbow off the pad
  • Shoulder either touching or across centre of the table
  • Causing a slip-out
  • Movement before “Go” while in the referee’s grip
  • Dangerous positions: break-arm & hyper-extension


  • Any two fouls
  • Any foul in the losing position
  • Being pinned, whereby the fingers or wrist go below the pin line. They do not have to touch the pin pad as long as the fingers or wrist go below the pin line.

Any match that ends in a slip-out and no fouls are issues will results in straps being applied.